Saturday, August 12, 2006

Proposition 301 Where is the MONEY?

ATTENTION PUBLIC! YOU ought to be interested in what has been done with the massive tuition increases and 301 Proposition monies as well as be asking for accountability of funds appropriated to ASU. Whatever happened to responsibility based budgeting?????


Anonymous said...

As a resident and loyal supporter of ASU this is a good question. Where is the 301 money going? Is it true that $250 million has been pored into bio design? What has happened to president Crow’s claim he is giving out money that is supposed to bring in six (eight, ten) times as much? Is there any accountability for this? It is well known that ASU is $850 million in debt right now, but do we know how that is changing?

A huge number of administrator’s have been hired. Is anyone tracking this? How many administrative FTE are there now, compared to when president Crow took over the University. The president supports only the hiring of new chairs from outside the university. No one is being groomed for administration in-house. ASU is not growing an administrative infrastructure and intelligent, savvy people who would like to pursue administration realize they have no future at ASU and are either leaving or letting the experience go. This could have a terrible long-term consequence for the university. One of the really good things about ASU in the past was the active participation and “buy in” that people had in “lower” and often higher administration. NONE of that is happening now! Furthermore, since the new administrators DON’T come from local faculty their allegiance is NOT with the faculty, or do they care about the individual units and the university as much, not to mention their lack of knowledge of how to work within the system of which they have NO local knowledge. There have been a plethora of new hires brought in at astronomical salaries and lesser academic credentials. What are all these people doing?????

Budjet: accountability, transparency…The public ought to be interested in what has been done with the massive tuition increases. The suspicion is that having access to budget data would show that the resources available for delivery of undergraduate instruction and to undergraduate majors has not been the primary recipient of these funds. Is this tolerable for the monies that you are spending as parents to educate your children? Have the monies gone to perhaps pay the debt service on new research buildings that remain EMPTY. Research is important but when undergraduates are asked to pay so much more for tuition, they ought to realize smaller classes, more quality teaching, more research/capstone/service learning type experiences and THEY ARE NOT.

The research president Crow has sought for new monies for paying his “debt” is tied to classified research on bioterrorism and bio-weapons. Most universities have taken a position not to seek such monies because the research is proprietary, brings dangerous pathogens to campus, EXCLUDES STUDENTS, is closed to others and has little prospect of leading to new wealth producing industries. Is this what you want your children, your community exposed to, deadly pathogens? I for one DO NOT!

Whatever happened to responsibility based budgeting? This is a primary business-oriented process that brings resources more into line with productivity and mission, especially at universities.

Michael Crow has NEVER implemented any of these key components but instead has moved to an even more top-down, non-transparent, non-accountable system allocating resources…basicly speaking whatever Michael Crow wants to fund, THAT is what gets funded.

Many donors feel he is “out of control”, talks a good game but has NOT delivered”, he “speaks to a group with extreme arrogance, then leaves without answering questions or having any discussion” and treats everyone who is NOT a potential donor like s#$%#.”

It’s time for ACCOUNTABILITY before we are saddled with another financial scam in our State.

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Reports on Proposition 301 money:

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YOU are well connected with ASU 'Spin Articles". Try widening your world more.