Monday, February 05, 2007


President Crow and his henchman George Post have installed biohazard safety level BSL3 laboratories where government biochemists will be working with deadly organisms (e.g., ebola, anthrax, just to name two) right in the middle of over 60,000 students, and in the heart of a metropolitan area of c. 3.5 million people. They have also hired biochemists with little or no academic experience and blatantly discarded our top research scientist/ professors from the academic field. They started with the destruction of the Cancer Research Center and Dr. G. R. Pettit and have moved through the University grounds demoralizing faculty and staff as they go. (Check New Times "A Cancer on ASU" article January 18, 2007 by Megan Irwin.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Is anyone as outraged as this blogger or The New Times about the treatment of this professor and the other 80% of the professors that president Crow has harrassed or intimidated to leave ASU!

If you haven't read the article go to or pick up a paper!
Good reporting job Megan Irwin!