Friday, August 11, 2006

"MiCrow Management" - "MiCrow Vision"

Many resonate with the "MiCrow Vision" at ASU, but the "MiCrow Management" technique is NOT working. It has resulted in faculty and staff being increasingly marginalized and demoralized. ASU is on a terrible trajectory downward because people charged with running the institution are too afraid to speak to power. A CEO/President who cannot hear negative comments or alternate visions from his associates/mgrs/faculty IS NOT A LEADER and will run the corpoation/institution into the ground.


Anonymous said...

Michael takes the view that each person at ASU is either for him or against change. He does not seem to understand that people might be in favor of many of the changes he is trying to make, but cannot stomach his methods. Michael’s view is “the end justifies the means,” and he is willing to take almost any risk and ignore almost any policy or law that gets in his way. Since his arrival there have been massive policy changes, enacted solely at his whim and for the single purpose of allowing him to do what he wants to do. There is no consideration to whether the policy served a useful purpose or provided necessary protections, if Michael doesn’t want to be bound by them, they are gone. His usual explanation for change is that Arizona is a “backwater” state and doesn’t know how to behave in the big arena. He will show us how it’s done in the big leagues. Almost everyone that has protested this mode of operation is gone or is leaving

Anonymous said...

When written analyses of situations at ASU reach President Crow's eyes the “messenger” (faculty or staff) is called on the carpet and (1) is accused of being part of faculty group conspiring to bring down the President, (2) told to apologize to Crow. If they don’t (3) they are berated by the administration and then by their Chair (who is instructed by Crow and job security if not done) who claims the entire department will be harmed by their action, and (4) any already approved retirement agreement, or other compensation(be it title or financial) is pulled off the table. Some are tough and not easily intimidated but most are demoralized and forced to quit or retire.

This is more than a reorganization happening at ASU. Entire departments are/have been dismantled, funds withheld and there is daily harassment and threats from President Michael Crow and his henchman George Poste, Michael Tracey, Michael Young and Jonathan Fink. All normal processes are governed and overseen by these five men and they make ALL the decisions. There is no due process open to ASU faculty and staff that is not overseen by these men. Faculty and staff are forced to hire outside legal counsel to be heard and then they are removed of their position because they did not go thru the proper committees or channels. (Nothing happens on this campus, newspaper reporting, student reporting, requests for information, etc. without the direct approval and consent of one of these five men.

Anonymous said...

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