Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ebola and Anthrax


NIH Grant Number 1U01AI061253-01

Quote from Grant "The research builds upon an ongoing funding investment by DoD directed to the creation of a "cocktail" of monoclonal antibodies to use in post-exposure prophylaxis for Ebola virus infections.

NIH Grant Number 7U01AI055010-04

Quote from Grant "Since an anthrax vaccine will be a critical component of any effective defense plan, our objective is to find one.


Anonymous said...

Is this comment intended to suggest that the United States government should not "fund development of new therapeutics and vaccines against some of the most deadly agents of bioterrorism?"


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like that to me! US Government should "fund development of new therapeutics and vaccines against some of the most deadly agents of bioterrorism" BUT NOT in the middle of a huge campus putting our young people in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

this is what happens when uninformed and scientifically uneducated people take it upon themselves to spread mis-interpreted information.

the ebola grant isn't working WITH wild type ebola, they are using smaller pieces of the virus to construct antibodies. again, ASU does NOT have a BSL-4 lab which is required for Ebola.

bioterrorism research is critical nowadays; it is important in making ASU a world-class research institute to draw the best students and brightest professors.

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