Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Separation of Church and State???

"We would not be here if it were not for President Michael Crow," words spoken by Elder W. Rolfe Kerr regarding the new LDS church student center at ASU. In addition there is be a large parking garage adjacent to it which is to be used only by LDS students.


SusanB/Scottsdale said...

Campus ministries are fine and should exist for students, but they should be nothing more than extra-curricular activities

MaxFTempe said...

President Crow moves his rhetoric to church campus'. Is there no relief from this man? Church was the one place to escape his treachery and gain strength for the work week. NOW he has INVADED SACRED SPACE!!!
He feels he in entitled to take any action he wishes. Obviously he is getting flack for the huge favoritism to the LDS church on campus or he wouldn't be campaigning during reverent church services.
This president is unable to deal with people as human beings. He needs to reduce everything dear and personal to you.
People in his inner circle are sickened by this trait.

Anonymous said...

At the very least, someone should question the appropriateness of Ira Fulton's influence, and that of the Mormon church, on a supposedly secular, public university. This was the subject of an article in the Wall Street Journal last April, but no one in the local press wants to tackle it (or, more accurately, has the courage to tackle it).

Crow essentially swapped a (larger) piece of university land for a little island of LDS-owned land in the middle of the campus. He subsequently built, using state money, another LDS center and a parking structure, part of which is reserved for LDS students.

Has he treated the myriad other religious organizations officially affiliated with the campus in a similar way? Manifestly not!

Unless Crow has been vested with extraordinary powers by ABOR (a possibility), it is probably illegal (and certainly inappropriate) to show this kind of favoritism.

But, in addition to being a wealthy developer and a guy who's in tight with the LDS leadership, Fulton is also the ASU's largest private benefactor . . .

Sounds like influence peddling to me!